In body, breath, mind and spirit we preserve the inspired evolution of Body Contrology, the work of Joseph and Clara Pilates, as articulated by our Master Teacher, Ron Fletcher. As he mentored and taught us, so we will teach and mentor others in the physical transformation that leads from strength to balance to grace.



The Pilates Bodyshop is the only Fletcher Pilates® studio in Los Angeles. Conveniently located off the 5 freeway in the neighborhood of Silver Lake, it was built with the ideal movement experience in mind. You’ll enjoy a spacious 2800 square feet eco-friendly classroom and a large, fully equipped apparatus space which is furnished with handcrafted equipment by Balanced Body. The equipment was made to Ron’s specifications and based upon the original plans given to him by Clara Pilates.


Owner Kerri Campbell is honored to be teaching this work, evolved directly from Joseph and Clara Pilates, passed to Ron Fletcher, and now to her and her teachers.



Fletcher Pilates® is the complete body of work developed by first generation teacher Ron Fletcher, who was taught directly by Joseph and Clara Pilates and was one of the few “elders” in the Pilates world. It contains the original Pilates Method taught to him by Joseph and Clara, but also includes Ron’s contributions to the work. An emphasis on rhythm, flow, and the breath linking all movements together makes Fletcher Pilates® a continuous and challenging movement experience.  Ron Fletcher passed away in 2011 at age 90 but his legacy lives on in all of us.



Encouraged by Clara Pilates to “Go and do” and add to the original Pilates catalogue, Ron Fletcher spent his lifetime developing many signature innovations such as Fletcher Percussive Breathing™, Fletcher Towelwork™, Fletcher Floorwork™, Fletcher Barrework™ and Fletcher Spine Corrector™, which are not found in any other lineages of Pilates. These innovations came out of a need for what his students were lacking and inspiration has been drawn from the many great artists Ron studied with, such as Martha Graham. It has lead to the most complete and comprehensive body of work that as a Qualified Fletcher® Pilates Teacher; we can pull from to address any goal. It’s best to think of Fletcher Pilates and other schools of Pilates like Samba and Ballet; both forms of dance, but different in style. Read more about Pilates in Ron Fletcher’s own words.



The Ron Fletcher Program of Study® is the most definitive, professional Pilates teacher training program of its kind and the only program endorsed by Pilates Master Ron Fletcher.  The Pilates Bodyshop in Los Angeles is one of only a few Fletcher Studios worldwide, and the only educational campus in Southern California where you can enroll in Fletcher Pilates® Teacher Training and other Continuing Education courses. You’ll learn from Kerri Campbell, a highly sought after Fletcher Pilates® Faculty member, who was taught by Ron Fletcher himself as well as assorted Faculty members from the Tucson campus, Deborah Mendoza, Kyria Sabin, and Martha Ramirez.



  • Over 750 hours of instruction, mentoring, teaching labs and casework – more than double the hours of other teacher programs!
  • Intensive preparation and review through entrance exams, midterms, finals and teaching finals in both Private and Group settings
  • The only program endorsed by Pilates Master Ron Fletcher
  • Train in the incredible Pilates Bodyshop LA – one of only a few Fletcher Studios worldwide
  • You’ll learn how to teach, not just the exercises
  • Personal attention with low student to teacher ratio of 5:1 with 8:1 maximum
  • Study under Fletcher Faculty Kerri Campbell, who was taught by Ron Fletcher himself
  • Opportunity to become a “certified” Pilates teacher through Pilates Method Alliance National Certification Exam
  • Membership in the Pilates Method Alliance, the only non-profit professional organization for Pilates