FAQ About Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training Los Angeles

How do I apply to the Pilates Teacher Training Program in Los Angeles?

You may apply online. Alternatively, download a pdf of our application and submit to the specified address.


How do I prepare to enter the Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training Program?

It is essential to go through a student process to learn the work in your own body before entering a process to learn to teach this method to others. We require that you take at least 30 private Pilates sessions and at least 30 group Pilates class/overview/workshop hours with a Qualified Fletcher Pilates Teacher prior to initiating the program. We provide logs to track your pre-requisite hours once you apply to the Program of Study.


How is the Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training Program structured?

The Comprehensive Program is divided into six 5-day sessions, scheduled over the course of a year. Throughout the Program, students are required to complete 5-10 weekly hours, including: observation, assisting teaching, self-practice, and casework hours.


How long does it take to complete the Comprehensive Pilates Training Program?

Preparing to enter the program generally takes 3 – 6 months of student practice. The Comprehensive Program is designed to be completed in 12 to 15 months.


When is the Comprehensive Program offered?

The Los Angeles Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training Program is offered once a year in Silverlake. For a list of other Comprehensive Program venues and dates, please click here.


What is the deadline to apply for the Comprehensive Program?

Applications are accepted until 3 days before the Program start date.


How much is the Program?

The Comprehensive Program is $4,500 (US) per semester. This amount includes all program sessions, program manuals and examination/evaluation fees. The tuition does not include the student prerequisite process or optional studies throughout the course of the program.

Tuition Includes:

  • Six 5-day Pilates Training sessions
  • Program Manuals
  • Program Examination and Evaluation Fees
  • Casework Assessment sessions
  • Monthly Advisee Meetings
  • Mentoring throughout the Program

Additional Costs to Consider:

  • Prerequisite Private Sessions, Program Overview and Group Classes (cost varies)
  • Ongoing Private Sessions (optional – cost varies)
  • Monthly Studio Fee: covers independent studio usage as well as observation and assisting hours at your Fletcher Pilates® Studio. This cost varies from campus to campus.


What is the refund/cancellation policy?

Please click here and contact Fletcher Pilates for specific refund/cancellation details.


How soon will I be able to teach?

Upon successful completion of the Comprehensive Program, graduates are granted the title of Qualified Fletcher Pilates® Teacher and are eligible to establish their own practice, work in a Pilates studio, or work in movement therapy setting such as a health club, resort / spa or integrative healthcare practice.


Will I be certified when I’m done with the program?

There are additional requirements in order to become a PMA® Certified Pilates Teacher. The Pilates Method Alliance has created the only psychometrically validated, third party professional certification exam in the Pilates field. The PMA aims to create a critical mass of professionally certified Pilates teachers in order to establish the teaching of Pilates as a profession.

To achieve certification in the field of Pilates instruction, candidates must first meet eligibility requirements to sit for the exam, and then pass a 150 question multiple-choice examination. The Certified Pilates Teacher (CPT) examination has been designed to measure skill and knowledge level based on 450 hours or more of lecture self-study, apprenticeship and assistant teaching hours. Learn more.


What if I don’t live near a Fletcher Pilates® Teacher or studio?

If there are no programs in your area, you may prepare to enter the Comprehensive Program by studying with Kerri Campbell prior to the Program start date. We are flexible and want to make it work for you! Please contact us at 323-522-6742 and we will review your options.


What is my time commitment during the Program?

There are six 5-day sessions spread out over the course of a year. Between each of these sessions, students are required to complete observation, self-practice, assisting and casework teaching hours, for a combined total of 10 hours each week throughout the program.


Is there a fee to apply?

Yes, there is a one-time, nonrefundable $100 application processing fee.


Do I need to live in Los Angeles to take the courses?

No. We have students from all over the world enroll in our courses. You can travel to Los Angeles and stay at a local hotel for the 5-day intensive and/or the Comprehensive Program.


Are there any special rates at hotels in the area?

Yes, we’ve negotiated a special rate just for Comprehensive students at a local hotel. Please call us at 323-522-6742 for details.