This in-depth Fletcher experience is the ideal way to enhance your professional practice. Develop your movement and teaching skills through our exclusive, 5-day Fletcher Intensive licensing course, while learning the following unique Fletcher Pilates® techniques: Fletcher Percussive Breath™, Fletcher Fundamentals™, Fletcher Towelwork®, Fletcher Floorwork® and Fletcher Barrework™.

Fletcher Faculty: Kerri Campbell

Day 1 ~ 12pm – 4pm
Day 2 ~ 10am – 5pm (Day 2-5, 1hr lunch break)
Day 3 ~ 10am – 5pm
Day 4 ~ 10am – 5pm
Day 5 ~ 10am – 5pm

Prerequisite: Pilates Teacher, Fitness Professional or Physical Therapist.

28 PMA CECs are awarded at the completion of the course.

Length of course: 5 days


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Percussive Breathing ™

Ron Fletcher’s trademarked innovation known as the use of breath with “rhythm and sound” activates the muscles of inspiration and expiration within all movement patterns of Fletcher Pilates. It strengthens the muscles associated with breathing and the body’s core, plus enhances mental sharpness and reduces fatigue.


Fletcher Towelwork®

Developed by Pilates Master Ron Fletcher over the past 4 decades, Fletcher Towelwork® is a signature Fletcher Pilates® technique. This incorporates both the basic Towelwork as well as the Advanced Towelwork. Starting with highly effective stabilizing and range of motion exercises, the course will build to a complete full-body movement program. Learn beautifully artistic movement patterns that challenge advanced students, teachers, therapists and athletes alike.


Fletcher Floorwork® 

Developed over the course of 5 decades, Fletcher Floorwork® is an artistic and challenging alternative to the original Pilates Matwork. Based on Ron Fletcher’s studies with Martha Graham, Yeichi Nimura, Agnes De Mille and Joseph and Clara Pilates, Fletcher Floorwork® introduces thoughtful, creative movement patterns that depart from the classic matwork structure.


Fletcher Floorwork® was designed to meet the needs of individual students while keeping the material constantly challenging and original. A good movement program demands the stimulus of change to keep the mind and body “at the ready.” The application of Fletcher Floorwork® can be adapted for patient rehabilitation as well as for the intermediate and advanced student.


Benefits of the Fletcher Floorwork®

•    Enhances spinal articulation

•    Strengthens intrinsic musculature

•    Increases flexibility with control

•    Enhanced both movement and spatial awareness

•    Employs a wide variety of movement patterns for cognitive stimulus


Fletcher Barrework™

The Fletcher Barrework™ program provides a systematic approach to teaching the Pilates Movement Principles in standing. Fletcher Barrework™ begins with basic leg and foot technique and lower hemisphere articulation, and progresses to an elegant movement program with equal attention to precision and flowing motion. While ballet terminology is incorporated and clearly defined, the guiding intention of this program is to improve lower hemisphere movement articulation, core initiation and to bring the Pilates method to standing.


Fletcher Spine Corrector™

This area provides the most innovative and comprehensive exploration of this vital Pilates apparatus. Learn to teach the original spine corrector syllabus, as taught to Ron Fletcher by Clara Pilates, as well as a wide variety of innovations on the spine corrector developed by Fletcher over the course of 5 decades. This provides an excellent continuing education opportunity for Movement and Physical therapists as well as Athletic and Personal Trainers.